Season III of the acclaimed 21 Icons project is going to be a little bit different this time around.

Adrian Steirn, known for his black and white portraits of some of the nation’s most notable individuals in Seasons I and II, will be switching roles with the project’s behind-the-scenes photographer, the talented Gary van Wyk. We chat to Gary to find out more about his aesthetic, what we can expect from the new series and what inspires him about South Africa... read further

Season 3 of the photographic project 21 Icons is underway and has a new photographer behind the lens. Gary Van Wyk has taken over from Adrian Steirn as the principal portrait photographer for this series, which pays tribute to the future generation of South African leaders and icons. In response to the energy and dynamism of this contemporary generation of influencers, Gary has shot this series in vibrant full-colour which intends to capture and convey the optimism he feels for the future of our nation. Here he tells us more about his involvement in the project and how he's allowed his personal style of documentary image taking to share the visual atmosphere of this season of icon portraits... read further 

Watch the 21 Icons - Gary Van Wyk Showreel here...


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Q&A with Gary Van Wyk

Everything about local street photographer, Gary van Wyk, has nostalgia written all over him – the way he dresses, the way he walks, talks and especially the way he captures the lives of ordinary people.  Like the old masters of street photography, Gary loves to go out on the streets in search of a photographic opportunity and to patiently wait until the moment unfolds.  At the age of 17, he bought his first Minolta film camera in London.  Years later, Gary is still hooked on film... read further

When I say this charming young man is everyone's favourite photographer, I mean that quite literally, you can see by the exhibition pictures, most of Cape Town turned out - his enthusiasm and passion for photography is contagious... read further

For Cape Argus, Life by Nontando Mposo

Charting the emotional quest of a photographer




A series of behind the scenes images reflecting the 21 icons team at work.

Dressed in Xhosa-inspired garments and draped in traditional beadwork, Dana is imagined as a regal South African queen. A reference to both her culture, and her position and success in the South African music industry, she is photographed while seated upright in a wicker chair – her pose strong, her gaze to camera fierce and unwavering... read more